T and C Machine

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T&C Machine Inc. was founded in 1996 for the sole purpose of providing a machining and repair service for the local area. We have greatly grown to provide many services including, small and large production runs, key 24/7 emergency repair services to factories, medium duty rigging, and fork lift sales. Our business has both small and large capabilities, and we strive in providing excellent customer service. T&C Machine Inc. has machining experience in the following areas:

Alloy Steels

Cast Iron


Stainless Alloys


& Plastic



The employees at T&C Machine specialize in programming and setup of the machines leading to shorter setup times and faster product delivery to the customer.


Our Medium Duty Rigging allows for products and or machines up to 20,000 lbs to be moved, lifted, lowered, shimmed, and or leveled. T&C Machine offers extremely competitive pricing, quotes, emergency service, and contracts for our customers as requested. If immediate assistance is needed please give us a call at (641)-330-5338. Needing a quote or have a question, please visit our request a quote and contact us page.


Remember T&C Machine Inc. for all Your Precision Work Needs!


We are located at:

915 N. Iowa Street 

Charles City, IA 50616 

Phone: 641-228-1140 

Fax: 641-228-1170 


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